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Quick And Easy Email Marketing Tips

Here are some helpful tips I have accumulated over time that will help you when you start writing your email-outs to clients. I was recently asked if having a blog can replace emails, which I thought was a very good question to answer. If you're feeling a bit swamped with all of the social media you're on (even I feel like there are a million platforms to engage with) and are struggling to keep up with it - condensing the two isn't an awful idea. Though do remember that they are separate things and have separate functions. 

Mailouts to your clients work well because it's a type of newsletter - if you get the content right and it is engaging - then it's a great way to remind past and present customers about your services, and anything new. After all, we all check our inbox. 

Blogs are a modern-day must on any business website - people want to see behind the scenes, as well as you add credit to your expertise by writing about what you're an expert in. AND you get a better SEO ranking (more likely to appear when people search for your topic) because google likes copy. And copy is usually filled with key words. Read more about this on my last blog entry. Because of this ,you'll get a lot more new visitors to your site. Which is always what you want. 

So in short, yes, you can combine the two - but only if you REALLY, REALLY cannot manage the both. They add different things to your brand awareness and marketing strategy, so I would suggest going back and forth between the two. 

On that note, have a look at these great tips I (lovingly) created for your email marketing strategy. 

- 75 percent of personalized follow-up emails yield higher transaction rates than traditional emails. So be as personalised as possible! 

- Use preference to give your customers control. Make sure you're listening to your client, and they feel heard and in control of the situation. 

- Re-engage with customers. If someone nearly commits to your service or product but drops off, simply touching base with them and seeing where they are at can make a world of difference and get them to commit. 

- Expand your email marketing practices. 93% of contextual marketers stated they were “very satisfied” with the effectiveness of their programs. Only 43 percent of classic marketers said the same (study via adobe). Try new things. Be creative, see what works and what doesn't. Ask people if they likes the content. 

- Integrate a clear email strategy into your overall marketing plan. email that isn’t incorporated into the overall marketing mix is limited in its efficacy. Planning and strategy is your friend. 

- For the love of God, make sure it reads well on a mobile device. Fact: more people are opening emails and reading them on their phones than on their computer. Make sure they know what they are looking at.