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Tips To Ensure Your Facebook Page Is Awesome!

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1) Be Authentic. Being real, honest, and genuine shows through.

2) Consistency is Key. Post consistently whether that is daily or a few times a week.

3) Be engaging. Ask questions.

4) Focus on what your ideal client would like see. When you think of your ideal client, what is it that they are searching for or paying attention to in their newsfeed.

5) Always have CTA’s (Call to Action). Ask your followers to share, like, or tag a friend. 6) Build a Community. Great posts help you to build trust with your community.

7) Be of service. Give Value {Giving here means share your blog posts, share inspirational quotes, show them your business in action}.

8) Great images and branding. What is it that you are attracted to when you look through your news feed?

9) Ask questions. Let your community decide. What do they want from you? What do they want to see more of?

10) Share a post from your business page to your personal page every so often - so your friends and family what you're passionate about.