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Why Your Business Site Needs A Blog

 Every business needs a blog because you need relevant text content and backlinks in order to rank long-term on Google organic search results. in layman's terms: think about it, your website, as new and/or beautiful as it may look, is basically stagnant once you upload your services, prices etc. The blog is the only thing that is showing google how active your website is and thus making it rank higher in search engines based on sheer relevance. PLUS by adding more content to your site, your adding more searchable content, thus more people searching for your content. If you have an eCommerce based site, and are constantly adding content - you're not let off the blogging hook - there are SO many benefits to it, you can't afford not too. Look at big online shops like Nasty Gal (if you're not familiar with the online shop, Founder Sophia Amoruso is why you have been seeing #girlboss everywhere for the last several years), Amoruso herself became a celebrity with her flawless marketing and behind-the-scenes marketing (blogging and social). People are interested in the behind the scenes. If you're not at least showing a portion of that to your audience - they and you - are missing out. 

There are news and innovations in every industry. A blog will help you to position yourself as an expert in your niche. It further helps show your clients and potential clients, the background of your company, your employees and of course, you. In this day and age of nameless and faceless corporations it pays to add a little bit of the personal touch to your company. 

These are just a few of the reasons you need to be Blogging - there are at least a dozen more. Even half a page or link to an exciting article you read all helps. 

So no more excuses - get blogging!