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Here's Why You Should Be Getting Your Friends And Family To Share You Business Page

Facebook changed its News Feed algorithm to prioritize organic content from users' Facebook Friends over content from Pages and other publishers. This move represents an effort on Facebook's part to maintain user interest and engagement by showing them more of the content they want from the people they know, but it represents a potentially big blow to content creators who rely on Facebook for referral traffic.

For an idea of how influential Facebook is for publishers, consider this: found that Facebook makes up 41% of all referral traffic, which is more than Google properties. With this algorithm change in mind, content creators should ramp up their other traffic strategies, such as organic search engine optimization and email marketing to make up for traffic that may take a dip from Facebook. Marketers should also invest in quality Facebook content creation and post photos, videos, and links that followers will want to share with their circles to drive social media engagement that way.

What this all means is that Facebook is now prioritising content from friends and family in newsfeeds over pages. Obviously, users can change this, depending on what they want to see but this will be the organic setting.

When you share your pages content it means you're sharing it as someone's friend/family and will appear in more newsfeeds without having to pay for it. Of course, it is still better to boost important content that you want to be seen by everyone but don't underestimate the value of sharing via your personal page - and hassling your friends and family too :)