Find out all about the background of Sans Pareil Social Media, it's founder, Robecca Leyden and it's core values.


Social Media provides businesses and individuals with a powerful tool for marketing products, services, and initiatives, and for building a receptive, engaged audience. It is now a crucial tool for any business, small or large.

Sound a bit overwhelming? Let us help!

The mission of SP Social Media Solutions is to provide SME (small to medium business owners) with the tools, help and guidance to ensure their business has a strong and competitive social media presence. Thus insuring a continued growth in their chosen market. 

About Robecca (Director)


An experienced contractor, specializing in social media strategy for SME business. I have a varied background ranging from PR and Social Media through to Journalism and Copy-writing.

Alongside my career as a contractor, I have developed and run my own successful website This means that have run and maintained my own successful website only using social media marketing. Know what can work for your business, because not only have I studied it, but I have been implementing it in my own strategy for years.

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Communications from A.U.T and a B.A in English, Philosophy and Art History from the University of Auckland.

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About Emma (Account Manager)

I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Public Relations. I have a special interest in brand and reputation management as well as creating original campaigns and articles for print and online media.

I work along side Robecca to design individualized social media campaigns that bring traffic and engagement to your business over your social platforms. 


“Robecca worked quickly and professionally to produce the work I needed. Not only was the work what I wanted, but Robecca’s relaxed and cheerful attitude made working with her easy and straightforward.”
— Sarah McMurray, Relating to Money

“Without Robecca I would not have a presence on Social Media at all – I knew nothing until Robecca very patiently took me step by step; not only on Facebook, but Instagram too – which I now love! I am very grateful to her for her invaluable help bringing me into the 21st century”
— Zhea Warden, First Choice Travel
Robecca gave me such helpful advice of simple and straightforward ways to drive more traffic to my website which cost me nothing and was very easy to implement. In two months my sales have improved dramatically and my google ranking is far better. Thanks Robecca!
— — The Epicurean Architect
“Nothing but five stars….Her intrinsic knowledge of social media allowed my social media presence to blossom in matter of weeks. I have experience working with major marketing companies but their knowledge of social media is nothing compared to the understanding and personality Robecca demonstrated while we worked on boosting my personal brand. Her personal touch and honest feedback made the whole process a really enjoyable experience.”
— Jacob London, Fitness Model